Design and Engineering

We are a problem solving company. At SDC, we specialize in designing and engineering custom solutions for your most complex automation needs. Our fully staffed, highly experienced engineering team has the knowledge and creativity to design your specialized equipment using proven and robust directions, methods, and equipment. We have expensive engineering experience across a broad spectrum of industries, with proven methods to build reliable, long-lasting automation machines.

Design & Engineering Services

  • Mechanical Engineering and Design in SolidWorks 3D
  • Electrical Engineering and Design
  • Controls Engineering and Programming
  • Vision System Integration and Programming
  • Motion and Control Integration and Programming
  • Robotic Integration and Programming
  • Research, Development, and Prototyping
  • Component Specification
  • Project Management
Designed and Engineered from Concept to Completion

Specialized Experience

SDC employs veteran special machine professionals with hands-on experience in a wide variety of factory automation projects. This experience allows us to recommend and apply sound, factory-proven machine design concepts to your project. When you’re faced with the difficult task of purchasing a specialized automation machine, you can take comfort in knowing that our concepts reflect many years of successful real-world applications.

Intelligent Design & Innovative Solutions

Our custom, specialized machines reflect our innovative thinking. Whether we recommend robotic handling, a custom-designed servo motion system, a vision inspection system, or a mechanical probe, our collaborative design process and broad industry experience offers you the best practices combined with the latest technology.

3D Modeling Engineering Tools

SDC uses SolidWorks engineering software to allow you to quickly see our concepts in 3D before any machine building takes place. SolidWorks allows us to design faster, more accurately, and more economically than traditional CAD environments.

Once our concepts are formulated, we move from the drawing board to our 3D modeling environment. Working in SolidWorks 3D allows us to rapidly produce complete machine designs for your review. Our 3D virtual models provide clear, easy-to-understand views that can even simulate the functions and motions of the machine. Throughout the entire design process, we employ the latest proven technologies to increase machine performance and reduce safety risks.

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