The SDChassis is a world-class, high-speed assembly platform with extremely flexible tooling options and table arrangements. It creates “motion” for all common automation processes, including pick-and-place, light press, horizontal or vertical probe, verify, sense, check, escape, and more!

A Fast and Flexible Small Part Assembly and Processing Machine Center

A typical application for the SDChassis would be a machine that requires high-speed small part assembly and/or processing and pick-and-place and probing actions. The perfect solution for these unique challenges is a custom-tooled SDChassis. An SDChassis is generally the most robust and cost-effective choice compared to similar fully customized options from our competitors.


SDChassis Features and Benefits

  • Heavy, rugged, pre-engineered base provides smooth, high-speed, electro-synchronous, CAM derived motions (machine speed can be adjusted and all stations stay synchronized).
  • Pre-engineered pick-and-place motion modules provide a smooth, high-speed pick-and-place method with motion generated by the reciprocating hubs of the SDChassis. Each pick-and-place module is custom tooled to handle a specific part, i.e.: pneumatic gripper, suction cup, etc.
  • Pre-engineered probe/verify modules provide a smooth vertical or horizontal motion generated by the reciprocating hubs of the SDChassis. Each module is tooled with a probe containing soft springs for gentle part contact, while electric sensors, such as an optical sensor, provide a rugged yet precise method for verifying both part presence and position.
  • Servo-driven indexing dial with a high degree of positional repeatability offers table fixtures custom tooled specifically for your parts. An encoder is used to electronically synchronize the indexing motion to the main SDChassis CAM and a shot-pin is engaged at every dwell to ensure positional accuracy.
  • Pre-engineered motion and head tracking software is integrated with the PLC control system.

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How It Works

The SDChassis combines accurate and smooth tooling motions from its large CAM, along with the flexibility and programmability of a servo-driven indexing table and plate CAM encoder. The servo-driven indexing table allows for parts fixturing ranging from 4 to 48 stations, and the synchronized Servo CAM drives reciprocating plates that provide the motion for the tooling.

Two upper and one lower reciprocating hubs are driven by three independent telescoping center shafts that each travel on independent CAM tracks. As the CAM turns, it generates independent vertical motion for each hub. The hubs include precision linear bearing and ride-on precision ground shafts. The vertical reciprocating hub motion is then available for SDChassis motion tooling.

SDChassis Tooling

We have a library of pre-engineered motion modules for the SDChassis, allowing users to achieve virtually any assembly operation, including pick-and-place, light press, vertical and horizontal slides, probing, escapement, and many other motions. Additionally, standard tooling can be customized or new tooling can be designed and built for your specific application. SDC’s expertise in designing custom parts fixtures specifically for the SDChassis allows us to offer fixtures for virtually any part.

SDChassis Integration

Since we specialize in custom engineering and design, we'll work with you on every SDChassis to deliver a complete custom assembly and/or processing machine.

    Common SDChassis cells include:
  • Robotic parts loading and/or unloading (picking from a pallet or an array)
  • Vibratory parts feeding
  • In-feed and out-feed conveyors
  • Many other parts feeding systems, including manually loaded in-feed conveyors
SDChassis Features & Benefits



Large plate CAM Provides mechanically synchronized motions and fast, smooth, consistent timing with simplified controls and long service life
High-speedCan reach 80+ cycles per minute
Heavy machine constructionLow vibration allows high speeds
Tooling mounts towards machine centerCenter-mounted tooling affords best visibility and access for adjustment and maintenance
Flexible configurationProgrammable Servo-driven indexing table
Hand-wheel crankAllows for precise adjustments at low speeds
Three reciprocating platesLarge capacity and motion for tooling
Precise vertical and horizontal motionsAllows pick-and-place, light press, vertical and horizontal slides, probing, escapement, and many other operations
Standardized tooling optionsField-tested and economical
SDChassis Specifications



Indexing table diameters30 to 36" (inquire about larger diameters)
Indexing accuracy±.002"
Indexing torque6000"/lbs
Indexing table stations4 to 48 fixture stations
Motion modulesMount up to 24 per machine
Vertical motionsUp to 3"
Horizontal motionsUp to 6"
Electrical requirements480 volts, 15 amps, 60Hz, 3 phase

General Specifications

  • Operation indicator stack lights
  • Travel protection
  • Overload protection
  • CAM-derived motions
  • Hardened CAM tracks
  • Heavy ground steel top plate with key slots
  • Indexer shot-pin
  • Full guarding

Note: Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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