3-Part Automated Assembly Machine

SDC developed a custom, fully automated high-speed system to produce automotive electrical connectors for a global supplier.

Custom Assembly & Processing Machine Details

SDC designed and built a fully automated 3-part machine with a custom tooled SDChassis to assemble automotive electrical connectors. The machine is controlled by a custom written PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) interfaced with an HMI (Human Machine Interface) to deliver consistent feedback and system monitoring. This high-speed machine operates at 6,000 finished parts per hour.

The fully customized system includes:

  • CAM driven rotary indexing platform with 32-position dial
  • Fully automated feed and load stations with automatic pick-and-place onto indexing platform dial
  • Custom parts fixtures
  • Custom automated part sorting into “lock-box”
  • All operations are followed by a verify station
  • Reject/head clean out station
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