7-Part Assembly Machine

SDC designed and built a custom assembly machine for surgical sterilization capsules with material handling capabilities and product labeling.

Custom Assembly & Processing Machine Details

This automated work cell features our custom tooled SDChassis with a 16-position CAM driven rotary indexing platform. The machine is controlled by a custom written PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that interfaces with an HMI (Human Machine Interface). It operates at 1,200 finished parts per hour.

The fully customized system includes:

  • Manual loaded 2-piece clamshell with automatic pick-and-place
  • Custom heat strip pick-and-place with Cognex vision inspection
  • Vibration weld clamshell assembly station
  • Heat filter feed, cut, and insertion station
  • End cap feeder station with SDChassis insertion
  • Verify station follows all operations
  • Reject/head clean out station
  • Automated unload pick-and-place to labeling machine
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