Assembly & Test Machine

SDC seamlessly integrated assembly and testing operations into one automated work cell that assembles corrugated appliance hose parts and tests them for leaks.

Custom Assembly & Processing Machine Details

SDC designed and built a rev 2 automated hose assembly and leak test machine with a Fanuc robot. The machine is controlled by a custom written Visual Basic program along with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that interfaces with an HMI (Human Machine Interface). Operating at 900 finished parts per hour, this machine is timed with an in-feed extrusion press.

The fully customized system includes:

  • 6-axis Fanuc robot with multi-head end effector to attach two place clip assemblies to hoses
  • Custom, special in-line feed and assembly conveyor
  • Cascading leak test stations
  • Verify station following all operations
  • Pass/fail sorting
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