Assembly & Test Machine

SDC designed and built a fully automated high-speed machine that assembles dishwasher drain hoses and performs leak tests.

Custom Assembly & Processing Machine Details

SDC designed and built a fully automated work cell that includes a custom written PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) interfaced with an HMI (Human Machine Interface) to deliver consistent feedback and system monitoring.

This custom appliance hose assembly machine includes our robust indexing chassis, where all component parts are transported and placed in a fully automated process.

Operating at 2,400 finished parts per hour, this machine is timed with the in-feed extrusion press. The wide variety of sophisticated automation methods and equipment used with this machine includes:

  • Vision guided robotic pick-and-place
  • Custom in-line feed conveyor with SCARA robotic parts loader
  • Custom in-line indexing chassis with tailor-made tooling fixtures
  • Two large diameter vibratory bowl parts feeding systems
  • Custom servo motion and two custom servo driven spin weld stations
  • Two custom servo gantry parts handling robots
  • Custom 4-up pressure decay leak test station
  • Electronic sensing and head tracking software that stores pass/fail criteria from the test station
  • Verify/test station follows all operations with automated part sorting
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