Lid & Liner Assembly Machine

This CAM and servo driven fully automated lid and liner assembly machine was custom designed and built by SDC.

Custom Assembly & Processing Machine Details

This fully automated assembly machine presses a lid liner into a plastic cap. One side of the machine brings in large volumes of loose plastic lids, orients them using a centrifugal feeder and brings them to the main machine on a custom in-line conveyor. On the other side of the machine is the liner material pay-out which runs the material through a rotary die and then servo feeds the material into the press/inserter station.

At the heart of the machine, a custom servo driven mechanism precisely positions the caps under the press. When the press actuates, it performs the final cut on the liner material, and in a synchronized motion, pushes the liner into the underside of the cap. The inserter is an ultra robust CAM driven mechanism providing high-speed, silky smooth motions. After assembly, the finished lids are conveyed out and verification works with a smart diverter gate to sort the parts.

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