Robotic Assembly Machine

Vision-guided robotics were a key feature of SDCís solution for this complex, fully automated machine designed to manufacture hardware/connector assemblies.

Custom Assembly & Processing Machine Details

SDC's custom designed, fully automatic vision guided robotic insertion machine was designed for use in the manufacture of hardware/connector assemblies.

This assembly machine successfully orients and singulates incoming parts. The machine identifies a key feature of each part utilizing a Cognex high-resolution camera with a custom written vision program to guide the robot to pick each part. The Cognex image data is transferred to the MotoMan 6-axis robot, allowing the robot to grip the part in a consistent location regardless of infeed orientation.

The machine is controlled by a custom written PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that interfaces with the Cognex Vision System, the HMI (Human Machine Interface), and the MotoMan robot controller. The machine completes assemblies in a 5-second cycle that is paced with the upstream and downstream equipment.

The robot loads each individual part into SDC's custom engineered insertion assembly fixture. Following assembly, the parts are passed to a downstream machine via an IAI robotic linear slide.

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