Electrical Connector Assembly Machine

This fully automated high-speed electrical connector assembly machine featuring the SDChassis was custom designed and built by SDC for an automotive supplier.

Custom Assembly & Processing Machine Details

This fully automated high-speed electrical connector assembly machine creates a plastic electrical connector assembly from base component parts. The SDChassis is a perfect platform for this machine since it required many of the built-in motions included with the SDChassis. This machine is a Horizontal SDChassis, meaning the platens reciprocate horizontally as compared to standard vertically reciprocating platens.

This machine assembles contact leads into a plastic housing. The housings are fed from a vibratory bowl feeding system, while the contact leads come to the machine on a custom payout spool. The SDChassis synchronizes the feeding and assembly of the component parts, cuts the individual contact leads from the spool, and inserts each lead into the housing at a high speed (120 parts per minute).

All processes are sensed, and a vision system is used to verify the location of the leads. Satisfactory parts are diverted to the good part bin and faulty parts are sensed and sent to a separate reject box to prevent them from entering downstream processes.

The SDChassis

The SDChassis is a Steven Douglas Corporation proprietary, preengineered rotary dial automated machine platform. The base SDChassis provides a precision rotary indexing dial along with vertical actuating platens, that in turn can be used to provide a wide variety of common assembly motions, such as: pick-and-place, light press, probe/verify, sense, etc. The SDChassis is constructed of heavy structural steel and robust precision components. By taking advantage of this preengineered chassis with the ability to derive all these motions from one base, the SDChassis quickly becomes a very attractive value point when considering a custom, multi-part assembly or multi-step processing machine.

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